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A Brand Is Much More Than A Logo

Coca-Cola.  Gap. Target. Sure, these are all recognizable brands. But their names and logos are the mere tip of the iceberg.

A brand goes beyond its familiar look and feel, its service mark, or even its color scheme. While all of these attributes are part of the branding equation, the true essence of a brand is more than skin deep. 

For example, Walmart’s brand positioning statement is “For individuals looking for value and convenience, Walmart is the leading retail company with a wide range of products at affordable prices.” In contrast, Bloomingdale’s brand promise is about “making luxury shopping accessible to all.” 

Brand Anatomy

Your vision explains where your business is going. Your mission talks about what you’re doing to get there. Your values are all about how you’re going to operate and act along the way. The sum total of all three is the essence of your brand.

If you’re not sure what your brand stands for or how your visual and audio brand supports that meaning, you’re in the right place. The Thought Leader Group’s years of experience can lead you on a journey of exploration, helping you define the essence of your brand’s personality. This step is a necessary precursor to thought leadership and industry influence.

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